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Snow sucks my booty

That's it.

It's official

After today, I am changing my vote. I now prefer summer to winter. Something I never thought would happen. After moving out of western in feet(yes feet) of snow that they refused to come plow, to getting stuck in an alley in downtown Mt Pleasant today, I have decided that the cool weather just isn't worth it.

I hate that it took me a half hour to get my car unstuck tonight, just so I could come check my email (that was my rationale, anyway. Truth is, it had to get unstuck sometime, so I might as well do it now.)

I hate that my feet are soaked

Yup, winter is no longer on my good side.

Summer, I may hate it when you send your mosquito snipers after my yummy flesh, but you have never given me the closest thing I've ever had to an anxiety attack (at Western, details if you want)

Don't worry, Fall, you're still my favorite.

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