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d2d: I think I'm in trouble

Do you remember my post the other day about CMU Football? I think I'm in serious trouble.

I've come to realize that Herb Deromedi (the CMU athletic director) either IS god or is really tight with him. The evidence:

1. I go to see the movie Saw yesterday afternoon (decent movie, bad dialogue).
2. Just after 8p last night, we lose power, which means CSI isn't taping, and we can't get the DVD(Dawn of the Dead) out of the player so Tony can go home to Owosso(Jason ends up taking the DVD player to work to get the disc out).
3. Jason has to work from 11p to 3a, so I'm home alone. It's too humid to close the windows, so I can't read by flickering candlelight.
4. I try to go to bed, but every time I'm almost asleep, I think of Saw and wake back up. I have no fan, so every little noise also wakes me right back up. I'm too weirded out to use the iPod with headphones.
5. The power comes back on about 20 minutes before Jason comes home. I know, because I still haven't fallen asleep after two hours.
6. Today has a weather forecast of 50% chance of rain, but The WEATHER IS PERFECT. Sunny, blue sky, perfectly puffy white clouds that look like a 1940s movie set, temp in the high 60s. Even I might attend a football game in weather like this.

Yes, I've angered God. The next time you see me, I may have a hunchback, or a huge boil on my face. Please don't run in terror.

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