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d2d: I think (hope) I'm done crying

So Carol called to console me about Prop 2, and I fell apart.

I have a visualization that is keeping me from despairing . . .

I'm sitting outside Red Lobster, throwing rocks at people as they leave. When they get angry, I act dumbfounded that they should be upset, seeing as Leviticus also forbids the eating of shellfish.

Ludicrous, but it's keeping me from crying while I'm at work. I watched a documentary of Dietrich Bonhoeffer this afternoon (a theologian who conspired to kill Hitler) and I'm watching Schindler's List for the first time ever tonight. I'm trying to gain some perspective on this whole thing.

The majority of America hates who I am and what I believe in. Who wants coffee?


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Nov. 3rd, 2004 03:04 pm (UTC)
I will never hate who you are or what you believe in. I tried so hard to get the word out about Prop 2, and I felt its passing as a personal failure. I'm sorry that I didn't do more.
I get angry beyond belief when people bring up Leviticus. In fact I almost punched some asshole last night at the bar watching election coverage b/c he made some rude comments about a gay friend of ours. And he also said if we elected Kerry our kids will be named "Muhammed". So this proves he's a complete moron.
If you ever need anything, call me or e-mail. I will be happy to get coffee with you and throw rocks at Conservatives. If you come on out to Holland, we don't even have to go looking for them. They're everywhere! Those shellfish-eating bastards!
Nov. 3rd, 2004 03:23 pm (UTC)
i love you. and i'd be more than happy to spend a day outside red lobster throwing rocks at people...hell, i can't eat the seafood i'm allergic to it. he he. i wish i could have had the opportunity to vote on prop 2, but i'm in a state so conservative that my vote went to mr. asshole... i mean mr. bush because of the electoral college system. it makes me want to throw up knowing that my vote went to bush without my control.
Nov. 3rd, 2004 04:22 pm (UTC)
There really aren't words.

I will be right there any time you want to throw some rocks.

I was in line to vote yesterday and I heard women behind me (who, ironically, were carrying Bibles) discuss Prop 1 (our version of Prop 2). They were going on about how Lady One had "gay friends" but could never support gay marriage. I listened for about 5 minutes before I turned around and said the following: I've been listening, and I'm left wondering about your definition of "friend", because as I see it, you don't have any "friends" who are gay. I want my friends to live happy, productive lives. I want my friends to be entitled to the same rights as I am. And I want my friends to be free to live their lives and to be safe in their communities. That's friendship. I'm not sure what you have.

Thought you would appreciate the story.

I love you and all my friends, no matter whom they fall in love with.
Nov. 3rd, 2004 04:39 pm (UTC)
That's awesome, Rachel! What did they have to say in response?

Stewart, I'd be more than happy to throw rocks with you any time.

I think I'm more upset about Proposal 2 than I am about the Presidency. I'm just holding out hope that when our generation gets to be the age of our parents, it'll be a more understanding and equal world that we live in.
Nov. 3rd, 2004 05:36 pm (UTC)
Oh spoo... today's been just awful!

*hold me*
Nov. 3rd, 2004 06:26 pm (UTC)
I'm sitting outside Red Lobster, throwing rocks at people as they leave. When they get angry, I act dumbfounded that they should be upset, seeing as Leviticus also forbids the eating of shellfish.

That's a beautiful story. I'd love some coffee. :-)

Anyway, I also wish I had had the chance to vote against Proposal 2, here in Florida (surprisingly) we didn't have such an amendment, despite the fact that our governor and the President share parents. I'm insulted for you - I feel like people are throwing rocks at me, too, because I have gay friends (yourself and many others) and I love them and support them and think that they deserve every legal right that is given to me as a heterosexual.

Marriage is an institution of the church, and should stay as such - it should have no value within the system of government. Any two people who live together and support each other should be allowed the opportunity to unite legally without repercussion of any sort. Isn't that what democracy is all about - equality under the law?
Nov. 4th, 2004 12:57 pm (UTC)
I too would love to help with the Red Lobster tract. However, It would be more effective to cover more red lobsters, therefore I nominate myself as the Southeastern Mi representative and will cover as much ground as I can here.
I am very depressed about prop 2 also. (however I just found out today by reading your journal). I do have to admit though, I'm not surprised. The people proposing it did a wonderful job of keeping it hidden. Nobody even knew about it. Therefore when they were faced with voting on it they reacted without any information and only on their feelings. Which is absurd because I'm sure most people voting on it are heterosexual and it really wouldn't effect anyway. The way I look at it, who really cares about what happens behind others closed doors. It's not like if prop 2 passed there would be floods of gay couples sharing sex in the middle of the streets. All it did was give everyone equal rights. As I recall we already went through this in history, except it was with african americans and women. Eventually, people will crawl out of the hole that they live in and take off their rose colored glasses and wake up to see that equality and happiness for all is the only way to live life. (If you can't tell I voted against prop 2).
I love you Stewart and miss you terribly.
Nov. 5th, 2004 08:02 pm (UTC)
this will not be nearly as long as the others but..
I am truly ashamed of what our country has become, or rather, not become.

I love you Stewart....and if you want to Move to Boston, I'll go with you!

Love you honey!
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