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d2d: sore, sore, sore

I ache from moving all our big stuff yesterday. Armoire-ageddon almost destroyed us getting it into the moving van, but then it gave up, only offering a whimper of a fight when unloading.

The Dish installer can't come until 11/29!!! Grr, but when they come, they are bringing me a DVR of my very own for my bedroom! Drooling over the thought.

Monette is really struggling with the move, and Luna is being a bitch to him, trying to establish dominance, biting him every time he comes out from under the bed. I've learned to love her, but I'll kick her ass if she doesn't stop tormenting Monette.

What are YOU buying tomorrow? Your answer should be, "The new Rufus Wainwright album, Want Two" I'm calling Target now to see if they are stocking it. Yup, they are.

A little shout out to mister_biv as I am on a super Chantal Kreviazuk kick, and have been for the last two days. Actions Without Love is haunting me.

If you're still reading, I need an adjective that describes both me and Edna Mode from the Incredibles.

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