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work: The happiest sad moment

I'm constructing my letter of resignation to Listening Ear, effective December 17.

At 4.5 years, I've worked this job twice as long as I worked my second longest job (Felpausch, a grocery store). I'm kind of scared, as LE has become a safe place for me. When Western went sour, I was welcomed back with open arms, and even though I've had some truly shitty moments here, it really has been a great job, provided you ignore the crappy pay and hours.

My time here has given me grace in dealing with clients, allowing me to focus on my counseling skills. I wouldn't be the half-way decent, junior counselor I am today without the time I've spent here, 4773 hours to date.

So, to recap . . .

December 17 - quit Listening Ear
December 18 - graduate with my Master's
December 19 - start living a wonderful, post-college life.

Haven't quite worked out how Dec 19 works yet, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.

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