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work: The final draft

So, it's done. I agree with drood, that something never sounds as good as it does in your head.

Dear Kathy,
The time has come-once again-to say good-bye; I tender my resignation from the position of Mental Health Technician effective December 17, 2004.

I’ve been with Listening Ear Crisis Center for approximately 4.5 years, twice as long as any other job I’ve ever worked. In that time, it has been my privilege to be part of this agency, to work among people so dedicated to improving the lives of others. It would be impossible to give as much to this agency as I have received from it; I can only hope that Listening Ear is a little better for having known me.

It’s time to make the transition made by so many before me by becoming a Listening Ear alum, continuing to serve this community without forgetting where I began my journey. I look forward to a collaborative working relationship as I transition into my new role as therapist at Addiction Solutions Counseling Center. I also look forward to seeing the crisis center continue to grow and improve under your leadership, seeing the center realize its full potential. My best to you, the staff of the crisis center, and the agency as a whole.
Thank You,

Stewart Hadley
Mental Health Technician

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