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Commercial success

HBO has done it again, given me another commercial to make me teary-eyed. Did you see the "Sunday is . . ." commercial? Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. And so true. They(HBO) have brought me back to sunday night tv. I need to try and tape the commercial. If I could get that one, the "what if there was more to come", and the Olive Fingers commercials on tape, I would be super happy.

Is it a sign of Advanced TV Addiction (I'll use the acronym ATVA in the future) that I now want to tape commercials? Probably.

Speaking of commercials, have you seen the Magic Happens commercials from Disney? They make me cry. So far, I've only seen the one with the glass slipper, and the one with Grandpa's birthday, but they both were sooooo good.

All said and done, it was a good night of tv.

Sopranos has gone into season 3, and I haven't seen any of those episodes
Six Feet Under wasn't completely retooled for season 2. sigh of relief
Queer as Folk felt odd, but it wasn't a completely sucky episode.
Caught part of the Monica special, but I will save that for my next entry.

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