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hs: Cue the Jaws music (duh nunt)

Just received this email

Therese Moore (used to be Maupin) and I are trying to organize a 10 year class reunion for next fall. In an effort to start gathering addresses and other contact information for sending out invitations, I'm hoping you'd be willing to send me current information for you. We definitely need current address, but email and phone would also be helpful. Please send it to melissacupp@deletedtosaveherfromgettingspam.com .

If you're interested in helping organize the event, please let me know and we'll be in touch soon! (Therese and I were really hoping you might be interested in helping. :-)

Melissa Cupp (Purdy)

SCREAM!!! My ten reunion is coming, head to the hills!

I wrote back and said I would help. I'll need to convince Autumn to sign up, too, because as much as I love Missy and Therese, I'm not doing it without backup.

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