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d2d: for lack of anything poignant, an update

Don't really have much to say lately; life has been pretty steady, which makes for a nice change.

A few days before Christmas, I made a committment to myself to meditate every day, working myself up from one 12 minute session a day to two 20 minute sessions. Yesterday was the first day of two a days. Here's to better blood pressure and mental well being!

Also, today is the first day of 30 minutes of cardio/day. Here's to losing weight, not only for my reunion, but for a healthier life. My goal: Weigh half as much as I do now! It means weighing a little less than the Get Real goal weight (thank you, Dr. Phil), so it may change in the end, but I liked the poetry of losing half of myself. Losing 2 lbs a week, I will lose the last of the 175 lbs just after my 29th birthday.

Been thinking a lot about anger lately, thanks to a Course in Miracles. Will post more about it later.
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