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movies: A little whoring

Since the cool kids are doing it, namely drood, I wanted to see if I could do it, too.

I want YOU to join my Netflix friends list. If you haven't noticed the new feature, there is a friends tab that lets me see what movies you've rated. The best part of the feature is the movies you hated, showing me the movies that you gave the lowest ranking to. It doesn't tell me all the movies you rent (so I won't know that you've rented The Ewok Adventure 73 times), it just shares the rating you gave to a movie, and a one-line blurb about it, if you write one.

Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter should be delivered to my house today. So, If you want to know what I thought of it (after I watch it), you'll have to become my "friend".

If you want to be my friend, respond to this post with the email you use for netflix, and I'll send you the little invite thing from my Netflix account. Comments are screened for this post so no one but me will see your email address (and I'll delete it after I send you the Netflix invite).

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