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d2d: Good Lord, I think he's got it!

Jason actually did it. He got a real job, and he'll be relocated somewhere in Michigan, Ohio, or Indiana. It's weird to think about not living with him. He was my roommate for one year in the res halls, and we've lived with each other off-campus, continuously since Summer, 2002. I'm proud of him, and we'll see how this changes him. He certainly needs it. I think that's the true curse of being underemployed-you start to believe that you don't deserve better. I'm glad he finally remembered, and did something about it.

In other news . . .

Finally broke down and bought March of the Falsettos. Opened it up, the label said it was MotF, put it in the computer and it was the Cinema Paradiso soundtrack. Has this ever happened to anyone else? B&N is shipping me a new copy.

I have a goal to listen to all the songs I've never listened to on the iPod, all 7691 songs (thank you, Smart Playlist feature). It was odd that the first song to come up was a live version of Virginia Woolf, the song gamesiplay referenced the other day. When LJ bleeds into reality . . .

Off to watch movies and fill out valentines.
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