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work: CAC-iling with delight

Called MCBAP (the addiction accreditation agency in Michigan) today; they received my transcripts, and everything is a-okay.

I'm a CAC-I now!!! Well, I will be when the certificate arrives next week. As far as Michigan is concerned, I have all the training and education necessary to be a substance abuse therapist for the next four years. Before the four years are up, I have to have passed up into CAC-II level. It's cool that they make you obtain your CAC-II though, as it has reciprocity. With the CAC-II, I can be a substance abuse therapist virtually anywhere in the country. If they accepted all the education hours I submitted with my cac-i app, I can be a CAC-II within the year. All I need are 45 more hours of substance abuse specific education, complete my masters (yeah, I'm on the drawn out plan there), and pass one written exam and one oral case presentation. This is so doable.


Apr. 23rd, 2005 04:43 am (UTC)
Congrats. I remember those long roads.:):)