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d2d: Help me resurrect Festivus!

If you've ever made the mistake of asking me my favorite ice cream flavor, you've been privy to the tale of ecstasy/misery that is Festivus.

Festivus was a special holiday season ice cream that Ben and Jerry's made for the holiday season, 2001. It was cinnamon ice cream, with caramel swirls and pieces of gingerbread. It was amazing. Yes, WAS amazing. It was a B&J limited edition, and they stopped making it after the holiday season. I tasted perfection, and then had it denied to me.

But not for always. Ben and Jerry's is taking nominations to bring a flavor back from the graveyard, and I need it to be Festivus. Please go to http://www.benjerry.com/graveyard to help me bring back the world's best ice cream. They are taking nominations through April 30.

Thank you for your support.


Apr. 23rd, 2005 10:14 pm (UTC)
I also voted for Purple Passion Fruit Sorbet because it brings back memories of the Merrill Snack Store freshman year. And I told them that.