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d2d: music bliss, work angst

iTunes finally has a copy of Trisha Yearwood's new song, Georgia Rain. It isn't bad, but it's kind of blah, especially when compared to I Would've Loved You Anyway, and Real Live Woman, the first singles off her last two albums. It's going to be a big hit with those that love her, but I don't see it getting her new fans, which she appears to need. Maybe it will grow on me, and others as well.

Work is giving me health insurance, effective next month, but they are also cutting my pay. The big fuck you is that they want to cut my payrate greater than the cost of my benefits, and I'm not having it. I'm a full time employee, carrying a full case load. I realize they gave me a pretty phenomenal starting rate, especially since I don't have my Master's yet, but with my CAC-I I can easily maintain a full load. In fact, with a counseling master's (my degree), I can't do much more than what I do now. I think I can see one more insurance provider, and I can see FIA clients. Both of these areas are a virtually insignificant portion of our incoming clients. They want to unify my payrate, too, which will be nice, at least. I currently have two different payrates, depending on what I'm doing. The payrate I countered with, three dollars less an hour than my clinical rate, actually works out to only be $1.50 less an hour than my actual average payrate, calculated on the figures of my last paycheck. Benefits work out to be $3.14/hour, so I'd be paying half my insurance, which is more than anyone else in the agency. I see this as fair and equitable. It isn't right that they try to screw me because they spent $4000 more last month than they took in. I'm done being cranky about this. Hopefully, they'll take my counter offer and it will just be done. We'll see.
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