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So, in an odd twist, I'll be travelling to Maryland this weekend! knoph(now I'm all nervous that I'm not supposed to be doing that (still have to check TOS)) has an interview for a teaching position on Monday morning, and needed someone to copilot.

I've never been to DC. I'm excited, even if I'm only going to be there for 24 hours.

What is there to do in DC on a Sunday? John wants to spend a few hours there on Monday, too, but our biggest piece of free time comes on Sunday.


May. 18th, 2005 05:11 pm (UTC)
Tons to do in DC. Autumn and I went there a few years ago. We spent two full days and saw a lot of stuff. Mushi is right on the parking, take the metro. I would definitely see the Vietnam Memorial. It is suprisingly powerful. Getting a picture with the big statue of Einstein at the National Science Academy (I think) is fun. There is a huge amount to see in the Smithsonian Museums. Also booze is very cheap in Maryland compared to Michigan; so stock up. Call Autumn for her perspective, which is better than mine.