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Just finished The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

A little inconsistent, but wonderful. I say a little inconsistent because the thread of the novel seems to get lost when the individual stories heat up. I can see why it's being made into a movie; some of the scenes might as well be scripted the way they are written. Does it make sense to say that parts of it are written like a movie? all heavy on visual stimulus. I'm surprised by some of the character's actions, but not so much as to say that they behaved out of character. Maybe I'm just tired, but these characters seem flawlessly crafted, and I can't wait to get the next book when it comes in at the library.

The book feels inconsistent when the friendship gets lost in the details of each girl's individual story, but the more I think about it, the more I see it as an analog to life. Sometimes, I do get so caught in personal details I forget to reach out to my friends. Hell, I'm great at losing the thread of the lives of my friends, but that's a story I've already told. Each girl is amazing, with unique character traits that draw me to each of them. Carmen pulls me the most, probably because I spent most of the book identifying with her more than the other girls. In retrospect, I see myself in all of them, and I think that's the point. Each girl has a pretty strongly defined role in the book, and has to face the shadow side of her personality traits as well as the benefits provided.

You can't read this book and not think about the nature of friendship. I treasure the people that I've had this strong of a relationship with, even those who have drifted out of my life. At first, I wanted to bash the book for the parts where the girls channel the personality traits of their friends in needed situations, but then I realized that I do this all the time, just not consciously. I never say, "oh golly, why can't I be witty like Cynthia right now" or "Geez, Erin's grace under fire would sure come in handy" I just emulate worthy behavior I've witnessed, without the need for citation of original source. I'm a better person for the good friends I have and have had in my life. Sometimes I struggle with feeling weak when I imitate a friend's laudable behavior instead of finding an original solution to an unoriginal problem, and I'm going to ask Mastor Creator for help with that. A person once told me (well, it was Kim Voisin, and the jury is still out on whether she's actually human) that the best of us are borrowers and thieves, meaning that you use what works without shame. I'm going to try to believe that's true.

good night, friends. Pants may not connect us, but know that I wish for you everything that I can give you and more.
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