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music: Above and beyond the call of duty

Scotty and I went to Midland Sunday to find The Light in the Piazza and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Best Buy didn't have them. A week after the Tony's, and a Best Buy didn't have two shows that were heavily featured!

I officially live in the middle of nowhere.

Then I remembered that Midland also had a Barnes and Noble, which, lucky for me, carried both cds. So, I paid B&N music dept prices, but I think I still came out ahead of what I would have paid to buy them online and have them shipped. On top of that, I remembered that I had part of a gift card left in my wallet, so I "saved" an additional ten dollars and some change. Not bad at all.

I'm in love with both of them. Piazza saves the bomb drop for later in the production than either the book or the movie, and I kind of like that.

With regard to Spelling Bee: I would have never guessed that the definition of Chimerical would make me cry. The I Love You Song rips my heart out.
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