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First reactions regarding the return

I get a horoscope in my email everyday, but I rarely read it. Today, on a whim, I went for it.

My Saturn Return begins today with Saturn reentering Leo. I've heard a little bit about the SR, but I still dashed off to Google to read some more. The introspection and the major life change seems to already be present in my life, so hopefully this won't be a traumatic experience.

Anyone have an SR story they want to share? Was it significant for you? Just wondering if this is something I should really pay attention to.

Well, I'm off to get back to work. I'm making a point to not read entries today, because I'm really uptight about HP spoilers (I'm only as far as the train back to Hogwarts so far) so I'm insulating myself until I have a chance to finish it this afternoon.
Tags: new age thought, spirituality

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