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The age to put away childish things???

Naaa. or should that be nananananana?

So, I'm 28 today, and I've been close to dreading it all week. I've had cute ways of looking at my past two birthdays, 26 was my Z birthday(plus I had The Oldest Profession from The Life as a theme song), 27 was my three-cubed (my favorite number) birthday. For 28, I had no such cutesy way of dealing with it. I could contrive something I guess (my February birthday?), but I couldn't throw off the feeling of "eh" mixed with "ewww" that I felt over facing my late-twenties.

A big thank you to a colleague of mine at the court house, who commented "Oh God. You couldn't pay me to relive my twenties again" when one of my coworkers let it "slip" about my birthday. It served as a nice reminder that I have a lot of good things ahead of me. The quote from Reality Bites "I was going to really be something by the time I was 23" becomes more ludicrous every day.

My birthday gift to myself? I'm treating myself to a dermatologist appointment-13 years of mild-moderate acne is enough for me, thank you.

Well, since I'm actually at work, I'd better get to it. Have a great day, lovelies.

EDIT: How cool is it that I share a birthday with Joan Allen!?!? I never knew, and have settled for sharing it with Connie Chung for years.


Aug. 20th, 2005 08:31 pm (UTC)
Happy Birthday!
I always thought the characters in Reality Bites were so much older and cooler too. Now that I'm realizing that I'm actually a couple years older than those characters, all that junk about wanting to be something by 23 does seem ridiculous.

Enjoy 28! You'll never be 28 again! :)