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It's official. I'm stupid

I'm sitting here at work, hating my headphones, and fuming from the fact that Apple (grrr) won't sell me a set of the headphones that came with the iPod without also selling me the remote, which I already own, since I bought my iPod back in the day when it came with. Anyway, I start thinking about how stupidly my replacement headphones are designed, with the cord that runs to the player connected to the left earphone, leaving this short cord running from the left to the right headphone that pisses me off, because it's always tickling my chin.

Then I realized that the cord is supposed to go BEHIND my head! Yeah, I've been wearing these headphones with this annoying ass cord for over four months, and I just realized it.

I am the poster child for the Midvale School for the Gifted (you all know the cartoon).

I made the icon Monette, because, while I was fuming, I noticed that someone's been eating my porridge chewing the cord to my headphones. I wonder if the radioshack extended warranty covers that.

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