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Intellectually stimulating reading

Yeah, Redbook is really hilarious. If you read it at all, the April issue (Celine Dion is on the cover) has an article on my friend Stephanie (page 86).

So I bought it for the Steph article, but find myself reading the whole thing. What a CROCK! Here's a tip from them to get along with a coworker (page 76)
Share a weakness: If you're dealing with someone who seems resistant for no reason, she may feel threatened by you. Reveal something less-than-wonderful about yourself so your listener knows you're not perfect. She'll feel better about herself and about you.

I repeat, WHAT A CROCK. The second you share your weakness, bitchy co-worker uses it against you every way she/he can. This is personal experience talking. She/he may be nicer to your face, to try to put you off the scent of their plot to destroy you in Melrose Place-esque fashion.

The same article gives a decent definition of cognitive dissonance, but then applies it in a bogus manner. Oi vey