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Synchronicity, or the iPod ministry

An hour ago, I was in a dark mood. I had to take fifteen minutes before I got ready for work to meditate and try to banish some of the negativity I had been holding on to all day. It didn't seem to help, and I quickly returned to my rumination regarding the mess I've found myself in the middle of with some of my friends. Combined with the rapidly darkening sky (I hate when DST goes away), it was a struggle not to cry. Walking to work, I tried listening to a sad song that usually helps me shake off a bad mood. It wasn't helping, so I decided to play it again.

As I walked past the jail, I noticed that someone was trying to get my attention. Looking up, I saw a client, sitting there in the little paper booties and pajamas. Turns out she spent the weekend in jail, so I spent a couple of minutes comforting her, and continued on my way. As I got ready to cross the jail parking lot, I noticed a man getting out of a truck, a recently discharged client who I had been thinking about, wondering how heavily he had been sentenced. Took a minute to reinforce his positive spin on the situation, even though he had been given almost a year in jail, and continued on my way.

It only took me a moment to realize that somewhere in the two interractions, I had lost the hopeless sad feeling I had been wrapping myself in.

Thank you creator for your synchronistic wake up call. Thank you for helping me remember some perspective, and to remind me that I don't ruin everything I touch.

I had to laugh when the next song the iPod played (on shuffle) was You'll Never Walk Alone. Just in case I needed another reminder.

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