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Saw Shopgirl this evening. I liked it in the same way I didn't like The Matrix. When I think about The Matrix, I can think of little tidbits that were very good, but overall, I am very unsatisfied with it, and can never quite understand how people can be completely fascinated and moved by it. With Shopgirl, I can think of several parts that seemed a little awkward, out of place, but overall, I left feeling emotionally satisfied and complete. Definitely NOT a plot-driven film, but those who have been to movies with me know that characterization-based films are my favorite.

I look forward to a second watching of this when it comes out on video. If for nothing else, another viewing will give me a chance to decide whether Steve Martin's narration was bombastic, or purposely large given it is limited omniscience of a narrator-character who tends to overintellectualize and distance himself from situations. I'm leaning toward the second explanation, but that may be motivated by cognitive dissonance.
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