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The pressure of the 999th post, also a tirade about Netflix

Wow, the last three digit post for my lj, provided of course, you're a base 10 person. I almost posted something inane yesterday, just to get to 1000, but then decided to let my rollover occur organically.

so the real post . .

Netflix is on my nerves. Once, my average cost per movie was $1.19, but it has SKYROCKETED to $1.35. Just looking at last month's CPR (cost per rental), it was $1.58!!! This really shouldn't bother me, except for the way it is happening. If I return movies on Saturday, they don't even show up as returned until Tuesday, after anything I return in Monday's mail gets checked in. Then, they don't ship anything new out to me until Wednesday, making it impossible for me to see more than three movies a week.

I'm trying to find my happy place before I call and complain. I don't want to take my ire out on the working stiff customer service person, unless they treat me rudely, then all bets are off.
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