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movies: I was a boy scout once . . .

and a brownie, until some brat got scared!

I wish they had kept that line.

Well, Rent was enjoyable. For some reason, I didn't have as big of a problem with the recitative being turned into dialog as I did with POTO. Maybe my Phantom experience prepared me for the shock.

I really don't feel like I can evaluate the movie on its own merits, it's too wrapped up in other Rent-themed materials in my head. I've had the movie soundtrack for a while, so wasn't surprised by the song changes. Wait, they didn't sing the new song, I just realized. What's the purpose of it, if it wasn't even in the movie? Is it on the radio? hmm. Anyway, none of the cinematography was so fantastic that I can say that the material truly benefitted from becoming a movie, but I did enjoy it.

The biggest surprise, for me, was Rosario Dawson's performance. She was much better than I expected her to be.


Nov. 29th, 2005 10:06 pm (UTC)
Positive and Negative
I also loved Rosiaro Dawson. I thought she was phenominal.
I liked the flashback stuff during One Song, Glory. I liked getting to see April!
I really enjoyed Sara(h)? Silverman as Alexi Darling. Sure, she didn't sing, but it gave her a character.
LOVED the "engagement ceremony" for Take Me or Leave Me. Thought it was hilarious

I missed some of the songs. Like, Happy New Year... even though they added some of it in as dialouge.
Where the hell did Halloween go. It was on the soundtrack. I looked at my cousin and said, "did I go deaf for a second? where did it go?"
The negative attitude of the majority of the people in the theatre. I wanted to kick the people who were freaking out about Angel and Collins. And Maureen and Joanne. Stupid narrowminded.... sorry.

I miss you Stewart!