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Dear LiveJournal,

Before you find out from one of my friends, I just want you to know that I did just come back from hanging out at myspace. Yes, I registered. No, that doesn't mean I don't love you. I feel that our relationship is as strong as ever. Tomorrow is our 4.5 year anniversary, and I don't walk away from that kind of commitment. I know I've been distant at times, but that's not because I've been hanging out at other internet sites. Netflix friends didn't compromise us, did it? Half my Netflix friends, I met through you! We'll survive this, I promise.

yeah, I'm a freak. I'm going to go to bed and watch Madagascar (which, I just realized, can be typed all with one hand after typing the M. Go ahead, try it. M adagascar. It's kind of like stewardesses, except stewardesses can all be typed with the left hand. I have a hard time typing stewardesses, however, because I keep typing my name by mistake. Comes with having two words that mean the same thing. Really, that's what my name means, a steward.) Wow, look at me ramble.
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