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tv: marathon whining

Note to self (and a warning to others)-when trying to get things off the tivo, some shows can be watched back to back, and some, I now know, cannot.

South Park - Can, for at least a few episodes
Intervention - CANNOT. Maybe the last episode was just bad, but it really irritated me. Three in a row, it was too much like being at work.
24 - Can, and it is so much better in marathon format. Screw that anticipation crap, I want my Michelle fix now!

If I listen to The Color Purple (title song from the musical) one more time today, I may just become a black woman. The line "look what God has done" makes me so happy, though. I can't wait for the cast album.

And a completely hypothetical question. If I wanted to save a copy of streamed video that comes in windows media player, how would I do that? I would also like to make an mp3 of the song, hypothetically of course. The cast appearance on Oprah is better than the download from the CP website, and I would hypothetically like to take it with me to work, so I can listen to it 56491491986 more times this week.
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