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Winter Wonderland, and two great conversations

Walking home tonight from work, I couldn't help but enjoy the not totally freezing temperature and the light dusting of snow that made everything sparkle. The city put up the decorations today for the Dicken's Christmas, making it even cooler to skirt downtown on my way home.

I was so caught up, I forgot to drop my rent check off at the landlord's. Hope they aren't too upset that I'm dropping it off in the morning.

first conversation
I'm really starting to enjoy my newish coworker Audrey. Yeah, she's still a workaholic who has mastered the art of extreme self-promotion, but she's also sweet and funny, when she's not busy tooting her own horn. After everyone else is gone, we've been taking a few moments to chat and destress over the day, and I'm coming to treasure those times. She really is a great asset to the agency, and I know I'll learn a lot from her.

second conversation
Spent almost two hours on the phone with Autumn, with special guest star bugandwaterguy (who only gets guest star status because he disappeared after a point in the conversation). Like always, we can (and do) talk about everything and anything, and I always enjoy myself. It's kind of funny, of the four people who I'm capable of having a long conversation with, two (Autumn, and coell) live in Flint. The other two, 'cause I know you're dying to know, are mister_biv and tick043. For some reason, I just can't maintain a long phone conversation with other people, especially my family.

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