Dr. Hapgood, your cruise director (hapgood) wrote,
Dr. Hapgood, your cruise director

and to all a good night

Had a very nice time this evening. Stayed in and played games and watched movies until after midnight, then went out to the bar and then over to a friend's house.

Dick Clark freaked me out. It's sad to seem him in such bad shape.

A big thank you goes out to the taxi driver we came upon and convinced to drive us home, as the walk was a bit longer than I or anyone else I was with had the energy for (we'd still be walking right now).

The absolute high point of the evening was the hug from the bartender of another bar (the one we wanted to go to but it was closed). Man he's fine, and he smelled so good, like boy and clove cigarettes.

Happy New Year, everyone. I've had some thoughts about my life, more conclusions based on 2005 than resolutions, but I'm in good shape for the new year.

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