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Faith +1-Second tour date

Well, we took a couple weeks off for various reasons, but we made our second church visit today; Sharon chose the First Church of Christ on Broadway (it's kind of hidden behind a chiropractor's office).

I really liked it. It was kind of eerie, the sermon spoke to my crisis issue from just under a year ago. Basically, true disciples follow, even when it's inconvenient, for it's important to trust in the creator. My summation makes it sound harsh, but it was really quite inspiring and warm. It's nice to know that other people have the same thoughts, otherwise there wouldn't be a sermon about it. I'm thankful that I was there today.

The down side: 1. The lack of diversity. Lots of middle to upper middle class white people with perfect teeth. I'll try not to hold that against them ;-) 2. The music was kind of blah, four or so different songs that sounded the same.

I think we'll make a second visit there in the near future. Next week, it's Sharon's oldest son's turn to choose, and he doesn't know where he wants to go yet.
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