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So I started hitting the hard stuff today.

I traded my wellbutrin for adderall.  After three+ months, I had to own that the wellbutrin was doing nothing for me.  Here's hoping the adderall actually does something.  Other than a slightly odd sensation about an hour after taking it, feeling like I might have been behaving a little coked out, it was a very positive experience today.  We'll see how I feel about it in another week or so, when I'm sure the wellbutrin is all out of my system, and the initial stimulant sensitivity has faded. 

Not that I didn't take advantage of the nice stimulant effect today. I created a policy that has been on my to-do list for three weeks in less than 15 minutes and caught up a huge pile (shh, don't tell my boss) of narrative case notes.  It would be nice if that would last, but it will be nice enough to be able to focus long enough to complete a single case note before I walk away from desk, start fiddling with the computer, or switch to some other task that has been screaming for my attention. 

In loosely-related news, I take my follow-up sleep study tomorrow. Shh, don't tell them that I changed a med the week of the study.  The pill is supposed to be completely out of my system 12 hours after I take it, and my sleep study starts about 15 hours after I'll take my pill tomorrow.  All I need them to assess is whether the requip has reduced my periodic leg movement.

well, enough med babble. I'm off to bed.  I'm sending a little love your way.
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