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A last straw in a haystack (strawstack?) of last straws

I don't watch the news, so I just heard about this story from yesterday's USA Today.

I'm furious. When I get to work this morning, I'm making my boss call Verizon, one of the three phone companies that turned over phone records to the NSA (along with AT&T and BellSouth).  If there is any way that they released our agency's records, I'm pushing for a lawsuit.

Substance abuse treatment information is the most protected form of health information, and has been since well before HIPAA. While I recognize that every call we make or receive is not from a substance user, it is wrong to collect this information.  I don't want to hear the crap about how drug money funds terrorism, trying to justify why our agency's phonecalls may be important.  This is three scissor-steps over a line continuously redrawn by this administration (sorry, I get melodramatic when I'm upset).

This link here is to a petition posted by Democracy for America stating that you are against this type of mass data collection from innocent people. I hope you consider signing it.
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