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A sign of aging

It hit me today that I'm not a college kid any longer.  I may live in a college town, I may live with college students, I may still even be registered for classes, but I'm not a college kid. What lead me to this conclusion?  Let's poll the audience!

Poll #759823 Have you met Edward?

Have you ever heard of the game Edward 40-Hands?


Have you ever played Edward 40-Hands?

I'm playing right now (don't ask me how I'm typing)

For those who have never heard of E40H, follow the cut

For those with no context clue skills, Edward 40-Hands is a drinking game.  You duct tape  a 40oz beer in each hand, and cannot remove the bottles until you finish BOTH beverages (there are alternate rules, however), which means that, without help from a lovely assistant, you cannot use the bathroom until you've consumed your beers.  First one done wins.  Bottles are usually removed by breaking them. 

You know you're not a college kid any more when your first thought isn't "When can I play?", but "College kids are crazy!"  Truthfully though, my second thought WAS a desire to play, despite the craziness.  I'll give myself a bye night (how do you spell bye(buy?) in this context?) to give it a try.  No breaking stuff, though.  Have to be mature about it, after all. 

What can I say? I'm a crazy adult who still kind of wants to be a college kid. 

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