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huh, for want of a better description

Tarot.com sent out junk email again today (I know you're shocked). Since this one was about romance, and it has been a big thought on my mind lately, I figured I'd throw a few Karma Coins at it, see what turned up. I usually makes tarot reading posts private, but this one is kind of strange, and some feedback might be nice.

Cards: Art Nouveau

Spread: Tarot.com Love Celtic Cross

Question: How do I bring a lover into my life?

Shuffle: online reading, no manual shuffling

1 (Love & Me) - 6 of coins
2 (situation) - 10 of coins
3 (challenges) - 10 of swords (eek!)
4 (background) - 3 of coins
5 (recent past) - The Tower
6 (higher power) - Strength (This deck places Strength as trump 11)
7 (near future) - king of swords
8 (issues) - king of coins
9 (the loved one) - Judgement
10 (love advice) - six of swords
11 (long term potential) - page of wands

I have a reading about romance with NO CUPS.  Hell, I only have 1 wand (my suit/element).  I realize that these things aren't completely freak show issues, but what's up with four coins and three swords, including both 6s and 10s?

I'm tired, so I'm going to have to really dig into this in the morning. My current thoughts about this-
- As I was reading some of t.c's interpretations, my mind kept wandering back to my problems I had at work today. Suggests I might have some of that crap bleeding through.  Cards 1 and 3 seem most effected by this, but since card three is one of the 10s, I may have to consider effects on card 2 also. 

- The heavy (no pun intended) coin presence suggests a need to be more grounded.  Since this idea is also supported by cards 6 and 8, it bears reflection.

- I need to read other interpretations of these cards tomorrow, possibly lay the spread out with a deck so I can sit with it a while.  Might want to also consider Justice in place of Strength. 

Okay, I have nothing left, I'm nodding out sitting here.  Will look at this again after some sleep.


Aug. 16th, 2006 07:15 pm (UTC)
7 (near future) - king of swords

This can be a nice indication of someone coming into your life in the near future. If so, this is someone that is witty and charming, extremely intelligent. Could also be someone who is an academic, a writer, a scientist, a lawyer, someone in the medical field (but more labaratory/research oriented rather than dealing with people and patients on a regular basis), someone who is politically active (whether a politician or someone actively involved in causes). However, they can also be a bit aloof or emotionally cool...so if you're looking for great passion and grand gestures and expressions of love and emotions you're not likely to find that. This can also be a card that says to exercise keen judgement in coming assessments and decisions about people and relationships to consider getting into.

8 (issues) - king of coins

You don't have to play provider. But also don't look to someone to provide for you (which can include giving a sense of security). This can also be a card that reminds us to appreciate what we have rather than always needing more or looking for more. Again, this could also signal work and work-related issues getting in the way of the development of a relationship.

9 (the loved one) - Judgement

Someone who tells it like it is. Someone who serves as a wake up call and cuts through the illusion and bullshit. May also represent someone that helps you see and realise what is really important and what you are really looking for and needing from a relationship rather than what you've convinced yourself you want or need.

10 (love advice) - six of swords

This can be a card that represents taking the first step, which is the most difficult and painful step, towards change and healing. Therefore, this could be a card that asks you to step out of your comfort zone (echoed in the 10 of Coins, Tower and Justice cards) perhaps with someone that is very different or goes against the "type" you always imagined yourself with. Also, there is a sense of taking a risk with this card, so it can also stress the need to trust the Strength you have to deal with what you may not have considered before, but also the Strength to be who you are, that who you are is enough. And the 6 of Swords is a card for being willing to ask for and accept assistance rather than feeling as if you have to do it all on your own (working together to build a relationship rather than carrying the workload on your shoulders).

11 (long term potential) - page of wands

Excellent...the possibility for new romance to come in to your life. Additionally, a return or rediscovery of playfulness, of the fact that relationships can be fun rather than nothing but work and difficulty. This could indicate you getting involved with someone younger. This could also suggest that what you need to rediscover is the ability to be impetuous and spontaneous when it comes to asking people out, accepting invitations for a date, or just jumping in rather than thinking it through and trying to do it in a way that is overly mannered, thought through, planned out.
Aug. 17th, 2006 03:09 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for helping me with this. Recently, I've felt that the time was right for me to push out of my shell and seek romance, and then this reading seemed to suggest to me that romance wasn't available to me right now. Maybe I didn't want to look further, wanting nothing more than a reason to retreat. Thanks for saving me from myself.

Your interpretations are scarily on, how I struggle to accept affection, my difficulty being around couple-friends, my belief (even though I lie to myself and others and say that I'm not like this all the time) that being in a relationship will fix me.

One of the messages I'm getting from this reading is that it's time to walk my talk. I will accept the idea that someone could love me just the way I am. I will not rely on him to be the sole source of my support, emotional or otherwise. I work with clients all the time about the myth of the perfect (fill in the blank). I will not insist on perfection, as it only creates space for disappointment.

Most importantly, I'm going to act! I've never been a flirting person, but I'm going to try.
Aug. 17th, 2006 03:42 am (UTC)
I've felt that the time was right for me to push out of my shell and seek romance

The Tower

Maybe I didn't want to look further

Hence, all of the pentacles (coins) in the reading...the fear or resistance to look beyond and beneath the surface, the obvious, what we think/want to see...

it's time to walk my talk...I'm going to act!

Hence, again, all of the pentacles, because this is the suit for doing, for making real, for manifesting, for bringing into reality in the world rather than remaining an inspiration or an idea.

I will not insist on perfection, as it only creates space for disappointment.

Similarly, the King of Coins in the issues position. The King of Coins is King Midas, so perhaps the issue is always looking for or expecting yourself to have the magic touch, to just make it all better or come true in a poof! of smoke.

I'm glad I was able to help in some way. And thank you so much for your appreciation via my website. Certainly not expected but received with great gratitude.

Aug. 17th, 2006 04:12 am (UTC)
Maybe my boss's repeated beating into my head "money doesn't cheapen talent" is finally taking root. Again, thanks for your help.