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huh, for want of a better description

Tarot.com sent out junk email again today (I know you're shocked). Since this one was about romance, and it has been a big thought on my mind lately, I figured I'd throw a few Karma Coins at it, see what turned up. I usually makes tarot reading posts private, but this one is kind of strange, and some feedback might be nice.

Cards: Art Nouveau

Spread: Tarot.com Love Celtic Cross

Question: How do I bring a lover into my life?

Shuffle: online reading, no manual shuffling

1 (Love & Me) - 6 of coins
2 (situation) - 10 of coins
3 (challenges) - 10 of swords (eek!)
4 (background) - 3 of coins
5 (recent past) - The Tower
6 (higher power) - Strength (This deck places Strength as trump 11)
7 (near future) - king of swords
8 (issues) - king of coins
9 (the loved one) - Judgement
10 (love advice) - six of swords
11 (long term potential) - page of wands

I have a reading about romance with NO CUPS.  Hell, I only have 1 wand (my suit/element).  I realize that these things aren't completely freak show issues, but what's up with four coins and three swords, including both 6s and 10s?

I'm tired, so I'm going to have to really dig into this in the morning. My current thoughts about this-
- As I was reading some of t.c's interpretations, my mind kept wandering back to my problems I had at work today. Suggests I might have some of that crap bleeding through.  Cards 1 and 3 seem most effected by this, but since card three is one of the 10s, I may have to consider effects on card 2 also. 

- The heavy (no pun intended) coin presence suggests a need to be more grounded.  Since this idea is also supported by cards 6 and 8, it bears reflection.

- I need to read other interpretations of these cards tomorrow, possibly lay the spread out with a deck so I can sit with it a while.  Might want to also consider Justice in place of Strength. 

Okay, I have nothing left, I'm nodding out sitting here.  Will look at this again after some sleep.


Aug. 17th, 2006 03:42 am (UTC)
I've felt that the time was right for me to push out of my shell and seek romance

The Tower

Maybe I didn't want to look further

Hence, all of the pentacles (coins) in the reading...the fear or resistance to look beyond and beneath the surface, the obvious, what we think/want to see...

it's time to walk my talk...I'm going to act!

Hence, again, all of the pentacles, because this is the suit for doing, for making real, for manifesting, for bringing into reality in the world rather than remaining an inspiration or an idea.

I will not insist on perfection, as it only creates space for disappointment.

Similarly, the King of Coins in the issues position. The King of Coins is King Midas, so perhaps the issue is always looking for or expecting yourself to have the magic touch, to just make it all better or come true in a poof! of smoke.

I'm glad I was able to help in some way. And thank you so much for your appreciation via my website. Certainly not expected but received with great gratitude.

Aug. 17th, 2006 04:12 am (UTC)
Maybe my boss's repeated beating into my head "money doesn't cheapen talent" is finally taking root. Again, thanks for your help.