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da boss says I should smack you up

Costumed karaoke tonight, I went as a mobster/thug, all in black with a red tie.  If I had remembered to change my camera battery, I might actually have a picture. Maybe Cory took one, I'll have to check.

Fun times. Some guy asked me to sing Thriller, so I did, since getting requests is my favorite ego booster.   I rocked the verses, but the chorus sections were a bit high.  If only I had taken the time to learn to moonwalk in the eighties.  Given my other personality traits, I don't understand why I'm not one of those gay boys who practiced the choreography to every big music video. Other than The Right Stuff by Vanessa Williams, I've never really applied myself to the material.  Pity, as I don't see The Right Stuff becoming a cult hit anytime soon, denying me my 13 going on 30 glory moment. 

I should be sleeping, as I have done nothing to get ready for my trip-I fly out on Tuesday morning, but I just don't want to sleep yet.  Sharon is asleep on the couch, or I'd start laundry.  Checked the 10 day forecast for Phoenix, low to mid 80s all week, the chance of rain only rising past 10% the day I leave. Rock! 

Okay, back to reading my friend's page. Trying to stay caught up, and not really doing a good job of it.  I will get back into the swing of things, but probably not until after my trip. 

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