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dear computer,

I miss you and all the things I used to do with you.  Just tried to hang out with you a bit, read some LJ, maybe try to clean out my email inbox, but the whole 400 or so pieces of mail, most of them junk, and all the stuff I've missed on LJ has me feeling kind of crabby about the whole thing.  I feel like my life is moving so fast, but I'm not going anywhere. Well, I have been to Arizona and back, my sister's wedding, and to the funeral of my last grandparent in the last few weeks, but it all feels surreal. 

I'm off to take this mood out on battlestar galactica. Since the fastest way to shake me out of a bad/sad mood is to engage in something exceptionally depressing, I should be feeling much better in just under an hour (thank you DVR, even though I do stop to watch The Lost Room and Dresden Files commercials just to enjoy the Peter Krause and the guy-who-played-stephen-saunders-on-24 hotness). 
Tags: whining

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