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Jobless no longer

So it isn't a great job, but I am once again employed. Now, when I apply for other jobs, my resume doesn't have to reflect that I haven't worked in a year and was fired from my most recent position.

The downside is that it's a grocery store. No, it's THE grocery store. I worked at several stores in the chain, and I happen to be returning to the store I quit from, the one I worked at for the longest period of time. The job that I once said I would prefer to roll in broken glass and let a rabid dog lick my wounds than work there. Time heals most wounds, however, and I need a job.

To celebrate, I think I'm going to buy the new Jim Butcher novel. I really can't afford it, but I am absolutely obsessed over these books, and libraries don't usually carry any series other than his Dresden Files. This is fifth book in the Codex Alera, I think I've gushed about them before. Maybe last year this time when book four came out.

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