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My blossoming bisexuality

Tom Ford may have turned me bi.

A few months ago, I read an article (Details, maybe?), where he made a statement that every gay man should have sex with a woman at least once, as the experience is quite beautiful and different . . . yadda yadda yadda. I thought nothing about it at the time, but the thought continued to fester. These last few days, I've caught myself looking at women, wondering what sex with her would be like. These impulses are nothing like my regular thoughts about sex (like those ones I'm STILL having about the guy at the gas station last night!), but they persist.

And then I feel like a tool that Tom Ford has affected change in my life. Is marketing really so powerful? Or is it even worse - a hot guy suggested an idea, so I immediately accept it as truth. /self-accusatory diatribe

So, I'm not boarding the train to taco town, yet. I'm just calling the tourism board for the propaganda travel guide. 1-800-4VAGINA (pronounce vuh-hee-nuh, damn you Jason, Ann, and The Ten).

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