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Life Update

Reviewing my recent posts, I see that I haven't given You the current news. Here we go, the Headline News version of Stewart's life. You give me Two minutes, and I will give you my world.

I beat Final Fantasy X. I'm debating whether to start FF8 before school is out, or wait until May (seeing as I won't be playing this week)

I was sick the end of last week, fever, aches, dizziness (on top of the usual ditziness), which was why I didn't post anything.

Because of the fever, and a general malaise concerning it, I took out my tongue ring. I haven't been telling people IRL, as I want to see if they will notice. So far, and it's been five days, one person has noticed. Sadly, she noticed because my lisp is now more pronounced. I need to learn to speak without the ring again. I'm getting this whistle to my sibilants that I don't remember ever having. Sigh. At least now I have the voice to go with the love of showtunes, the ability to discuss health and beauty products, and the appreciation of Vera Wang.

Limp wristed queer, table for one. Minus the limp wrist, of course (is anyone actually that gay?)

Kind of reminds me of an episode of Mad TV, where this couple is watching a school play (The Music Man ICK), and trashing every minute of it. At one point, talking to the lead's father, they try to find something "gayer" than his boy, and can't. To quote: "Richard Simmons, doing rhythmic gymnastics, holding the rainbow flag is not as gay as that boy" "George Michael, sucking the cream out of a Krispy Kreme donut, in a portapotty at an 'N*SYNC concert, is not as gay as that boy"

That episode always make me laugh. I'm going to miss tv this week.

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