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Day of Days

This is a repost of something I put on the broadway community, but, since it is the best news I've heard in months, I had to post it here too

They announced the release of The Last Five Years cast album today!!!

April 16 cannot come soon enough

If you preorder, you get free shipping. Here's a link:
L5Y Cast Recording

They are also holding a benefit concert on the night of the fifteenth, with songs from all three of JRB's shows. I am so envious of everyone who goes, because some of the tickets also include an after party with the stars.

Things like this make me realize that, while my body may survive here, my soul will die if I don't escape the midwest.


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Apr. 4th, 2002 05:58 pm (UTC)
*shrieks with joy* I haven't been by the Broadway community today, so this is the first I've heard of it. The 16th?! Oh, that's soon! Oh. I need to breathe. I also need to go to that concert, but I doubt I can work it out. In my family, going to New York once every two years is considered extravagant.
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