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One forgets

For some reason, I had this urge to listen to Titanic before I went to bed.

I've had this cd for years, and listened to it on virtually continuous play when I first I got it, yet The Proposal still makes me teary. I wish the song sounded as good in my voice as it does in Brian d'Arcy James's. Damn first tenors get all the good stuff. Maybe, as my voice smoothes out more, this song will sound okay in my voice. It isn't that high.

Speaking of singing, I have to start practicing again. I don't sound as good as I used to, which really irritates me. The rest was good for me, but it is time for some structured practice again. Too bad I never really learned how to practice. My voice lesson was the only arena where I saw vocal growth, my practices just seem ineffective, only good for learning the music. Any suggestions? I think I'll look for a voice community to post this too, also.

May god's heaven be your blanket as you softly sleep
When you're finally in my arms, you'll plainly see
This devoted singer's heart and soul are yours to keep

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