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An excerpt from my type of educational reading

Just was talking in a comment about an article I was reading on the Good Vibes website about Terms used by Porn Industry insiders, and wanted to share this excerpt with you all.

After the initial filming, performers of both sexes -- and not always the ones who did the acting -- add what's known as an "m-and-g track," for "moan and groan," a separate audio track of rehearsed expressions of rapture that are overdubbed -- that explains all the times the movements of her lips just don't match up to the "Oh, baby."

I think I have found my calling in life. This would be so fun. I could say, "No, I'm not a porn star, but I play one vocally."

Now I know you all want to read it, but won't admit it, so I will post a link.

Cowgirls and Gigglers: Girl Porn Slang

Happy reading,
Hammer Jones (My porn name, if you follow that pet/road convention)
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