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Well, sportsfans, I've done it again. Stayed up way too late so I have no chance of fixing my sleep schedule. I am nocturnal by nature, and lately, I've let it take over.

Had a bad Mt Pleasant night, but it has passed. I went to Meijer after midnight to buy Mullholland Dr. Of course they don't have it. Probably no where else will have it either. This caused me to mutter "I hate this town" something I haven't said for over a year. Have I made a mistake by deciding to stay here for my Master's degree?

Since I was in no mood to go to bed, I wandered around campus. After awhile, I ended up in front of Warriner. Out of nowhere, I start laughing, that deep extremely loud I-used-to-be-a-singer-so-I-laugh-from-my-diaphragm bellow that you either hate or you love, depending on your tolerance for public attention. Part of me was shocked, thinking I was becoming hysterical over the whole issue. But then I realized, where else have I ever felt so comfortable that I can walk virtually anywhere and still have that feeling of home? Standing in the drizzle, the smell of worms and rain and earth, Warriner outlined by the overcast sky, and it feels like home. This whole damned town is my home. For better or worse, this is my home, at least for the next few years. And I love it. I hate that I am cut off from quality theater and movies, but that isn't all Mt P is to me anymore. It's people, places, and memories that have touched my heart and helped to strengthen my soul. Mt Pleasant is the place where I came closest to hurting myself; Mt Pleasant is the place where I've become so strong that I doubt I will ever consider hurting myself again.

I can't believe that Kate missed the first Spring walk of the year. At least she was with me in my thoughts

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