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Breaking the cycle

well, since i have to work at 745am, I am making myself go to bed for a few hours. Maybe this will help me kick this nocturnal thing I've had going for the last week or so.

good night


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Apr. 10th, 2002 12:32 am (UTC)
Missing you so much
Hey, Just spent my lifetime reading through your entries from today. Wow you type a lot. I totally miss the rain. and am bummed that I missed the first spring rain walk. Rain here... well, it doesn't rain here. Although, I swear the first rain we get Jeff and I are going puddle jumping. It's funny... Heather and I were talking bout you today. I don't remember what about, but I do remember it was about tractors and snacks. Ah...those were the days. Hey, so the reason why you are staying in the dreadful town of Mount P is because of me. I will be there by August at the latest, I promise. And then, you and I can run the city again, and get drunk every night and turn ourselves into... well we won't go there, but you remember the plan. I think that Meijers has rejoiced not having us there together for a while. But oh how I do miss it. But... I must go and continue my search for disorder, order, chaos and the edge of the universe! Luv You
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