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Homework worries

For a class, I have to write a paper about a type of therapy. Since I couldn't come up with a therapy I wanted to know more about, I chose one that I didn't really want to know anything about.

I'm doing my presentation on Conversion Therapy, the idea that you can "overcome" homosexual impulses.

I was kind of worried at first, afraid that I might find information that would be statistically sound and be persuasive; worried that I might start to question myself.

God, I'm glad I don't have to worry about that anymore. This is such a crock of shit. Testimonials that are all variations of "I didn't fit in as a child, but this ministry has taken me in and now I feel I belong!" Nothing like preying on someone's desire to have friends to further your bullshit mission.

Just add a keg, and these ministries could be greek organizations (no offense to my greek friends)

It's good that I chose this topic, now I have ammunition when people talk about this "therapy" like it is actually viable.