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Sigh, personality test backfires

Why can't I get a cool answer! At least it is fairly accurate, sort of. Well, it takes into account the non-people loving side of me, which doesn't surface often. I guess that is a requirement of the inner child, though.

Your inner child is the Newt (PIFC). He or she likes to play in the mud of your psyche, pick your psyche's nose and generally just chew on your psyche's fingers. The result is a tangier, salty you. As a kid you *liked* extra-curricular homework and now the Star Trek DVD's are collecting on the inside of your soul.

Most of your belongings are arranged in ornate piles and mosaic patterns.

Don't be afraid of the sun. Come out of your hovel once in a while-- it's nice out there and there are some nice people to meet. Try and meet people similar to you though, because, let's face it: you are a freak.


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Apr. 22nd, 2002 06:26 am (UTC)
This was mine...

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