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So, since I never go to the store, I just found out that TV Guide had 35 star trek covers last week!!!
Of course I'm downloading all the Voyager ones, plus the Borg Queen, Trip and T'Pel, plus a few others

I'm mad at Star Trek, though. I swear they are strategically airing Voyager episodes to prevent me from seeing the seven I have never seen. They keep airing part of an older season, and then they go back and show season seven again. Urgh

I'm not expecting anything, but does anyone have one of these episodes on tape? Some of these are, arguably, some of the best Voyager ever (according to other fans)
Blood Fever
Alter Ego
Someone to Watch over me (Can you believe that I haven't seen this classic?)
Killing Game Parts I and II (I've seen pieces of both)

Maybe that's all the episodes I haven't seen, now that I've seen Unimatrix Zero and Repression. Of course, because I've seen UZ, it's on again this week. sigh

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