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Still Drooling

Still looking at the Star Trek covers, and I'm a little urked at how they paired some people up.

Take the DS9 covers. I didn't even really watch the series, and I know that if you are going to pair Kira up with someone on a cover, it should be Odo instead of Bashir. If anyone out of those three should have got their own cover, it should have been Kira. Come on, she's commander of the damn station after Sisko disappears!

They used pics from a photo shoot where everyone was tired. You can tell they did a lot of retouching around most of their eyes. Look at the pics of Janeway, Doctor, Beverly, and Seven, they are the worst of the bunch.

I did like how they paired Denise Crosby up . . . with herself, showing both of her roles as Yar and Sela.

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