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Oh, look, it's President's day

and that means it is also my brother's birthday.

I don't plan on calling him

All my life, I have struggled to define my relationship with Kristoffer. When we were little, I was the bratly little brother, easily picked on, easily ignored.

As we got older, I became the good child, he became the party animal.

Now, we are just distant. I no longer want him in my life. I won't be taken advantage of anymore. Kristoffer has a way of putting his problems on your shoulders, making it seem like they are all your fault.

and I'm not playing anymore.

Do you ever watch TV, and a show has that family that you think, "Wow, they are EFFED up!" and then, when you realize your situation is so much more screwed up that the writer of the show can't even comprehend it?

It isn't an experience that I recommend to anyone.

Well, I need to get some sleep. So, Kristoffer, wherever you are, happy Thirtieth birthday.


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